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´╗┐With (X1, X2) in a stable domain of attraction and (Y1, Y2) independent of (X1, X2), conditions are given for which (X1Y1, X2Y2) is in the same domain and for which the same norming constants are applicable. For Michael Kors Outlet Toronto the case with no normal component, an alternative criterion Cheap Michael Kors Bags for stable attraction facilitates the proof. A new ratiometric fluorescent cyanide chemosensor, N-2-anthracenyl trifluoroacetamide was designed and synthesized, in which the anthracene moiety acted as a fluorophore and trifluoroacetyl group as the cyanide acceptor. Compared with other reported trifluoroacetamide derivative-based cyanide chemosensors, N-2-anthracenyl trifluoroacetamide exhibits a better cyanide probe with higher sensitivity. This case represents an unusual early occurrence of degenerative joint disease in a 20-year-old woman. The subjective complaints were treated and resolved by surgery. A sensitive, accurate, and precise method for the analysis of the separate sulfur-containing amino acids is described. Other amino acids do not interfere with the reaction, but certain solvents are unsuitable because of reagent bleaching. The method has been applied to the determination of the specific activity of amino acids separated by paper chromatography.