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We argue that the observed quark and lepton masses are related at momenta larger than 1015 GeV as follows: mb = mτ, mμ = 3ms and me = md/3. We construct a model in which these factors of three Michael Kors Online arise naturally — because quarks come in three colors. The apparent conflict between the dominance of the decay δ → ηπ in D → δπ and its absence in ι → δπ is analyzed. Explicit models are presented in which the nearby threshold plays an important rôle in resolving the conflict. We give a full topological characterization of omega limit sets of continuous maps on graphs and we show that basic sets have similar properties as in the Michael Kors Outlet Online case of the compact interval. We also prove that the presence of distributional chaos, the existence of basic sets, and positive topological entropy (among other properties) are mutually equivalent for continuous graph maps. In composite models of weak interactions based on scalar SU(2) doublets vector dominance enforces scalar condensate structures which include those of the standard model. This leads to the interpretation of the one-loop contribution to sum rules as being due to two-particle physical states. The leading gluon condensate contribution in our approach is calculated and discussed.