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This paper describes the application of both SEM and freeze-fracture TEM for the characterization of artificial lipid vesicles (liposomes). Size and shape may be observed in the SEM technique whereas the inner structure could be investigated best in pictures obtained using the freeze-fracture method. The use of sapphire inserts lining the walls of the melt well in the sliding boat fixture used in liquid phase epitaxy is shown to eliminate the normally observed excess edge growth in epitaxial films grown by equilibrium cooling. Our results Michael Kors Bags In Canada are consistent Buy Michael Kors Handbags with a mechanism involving a reduction of thermally induced convection in the melts. Projector n-frames, i.e. decompositions of 1 into n commuting idempotents on a Banach space, are regarded as points of a Banach manifold equipped with a naturally motivated affine connection. Connectibility with continuous and geodesic arcs is investigated. Counterexamples indicate why the cases n ⩾ 3 are not merely extensions of the case n = 2. The equimolar reactions of N-protected amino acids, amino acids or amino acid esters with oxallates (1a-1e) having active ester groups in the presence of pyridine in acetonitrile afforded the corresponding dipeptides via active esters in good yields.